Loose Bow Hold on the Cello

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A loose, relaxed bow technique is vital to executing advanced bow techniques on the cello. There are many exercises that are designed to teach loose fingers on the cello. Often, however, these exercises only teach active motions in the fingers. Equally important is practicing passive finger motions in the bow hand. That is what this video is about; learning how to allow your fingers to move passively in the right hand.

Passive finger motions in the bow hand help with many aspects of cello playing such as;

The first step in allowing passive finger motion is to practice the pivot between the middle finger and the thumb. This is where the motion begins. Next, you will need to practice placing your fingers on the bow and allowing them to move passively with the pivot. It is important that the fingers move passively and not slip on the bow.

The video will give you exercises to practice these necessary motion in the bow hand

Unlimited Cello Music Downloads for $37.75 a year

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