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My name is Jamie Fiste. I am Associate Professor of Cello at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, MI. The reason I am creating this web site is to share my thoughts on playing and teaching the cello. Although I teach at the University level, I have always maintained a private studio of pre-college and adult students. My first private student was in 1986, during my undergraduate years as a cello major at the University of Illinois, and I have been teaching cello every since. My interest is in tension release, the bio-mechanics of playing the cello, and in applying gestalt theory to teaching to teaching (I will be adding more on this in the near future). This web site is a compilation of my thoughts on the subject.

On this site you will find articles, videos, technique tips, and recommended resources on the fundamentals as well as advanced technique. Whether you are a public school teacher, a student, or a teacher with a private studio, my hope is that you will find my site to be a useful resource.

My sincere desire is to help equip cello teachers. Because of this I decided to make all of the information on this site free. You can print out any article and copy it as much as you want for personal use or in your teaching.

One person that I truly desire to help is the public school teacher. I have in mind the band teacher who finds him or herself teaching strings. I also have in mind the violinist who is teaching cello in the public schools and would like more information. At one time, before the myriad of education requirements, education majors had many more hours of training on secondary instruments. Today, the tech classes at the university level barely cover the basics and leave our public school teachers without enough training on secondary instruments. This web site is designed to help fill the gap. I hope to give you resources to aid you in your endeavor.

While I advocate a certain approach to cello technique, I am by no means claiming to have the last word or attempting to convince everyone to play the way I do. Rather, my aim is to stimulate thought on how we use our bodies in an efficient manner without excessive tension.

This web site will be continually expanded as I come up with more ideas and information that I think will help. So check back periodically for updates.

So I hope you enjoy this site and find it useful. Let me know what you think.

- Jamie

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