Teaching Beginning Cello
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The following are web pages designed to provide ideas for the private and public school teacher on how to teach beginning cello. I also recommend reading the the rest of the pages on this web site where you can find helpful ideas for teaching cello technique. I am still adding videos to these pages so stayed tuned.


Cello Fingering Charts
I have two position charts for 1st through 4th positions. One is more advanced and includes enharmonic spellings. The second is a simplified version of the first and does not include enharmonic spellings.

Sequence for Teaching Beginning Cello
This is the sequence I use for my own beginning cellists and for my String Techniques class at Central Michigan University. The goal of the sequence is to break down technique into smaller segments and gradually reassemble them. This sequence also includes recommended action studies.

Action Studies for Beginning Cello
These action studies are designed to break down motions used on the cello into easy to understand segments. These Action Studies are deigned to be fun yet helpful in connecting the mind and body. While designed for beginning cellists, they are also helpful for cellists of any age.

Teaching Vibrato to Beginning Cellists
This gives helpful exercises and a sequence for teaching vibrato. It focuses on feeling the motion activated from the shoulder in the lower positions.

How to Teach Even Finger Spacing to Beginning Cellists
Even finger spacing is a challenging aspect of teaching left hand technique to beginning cellists. For most beginners, the 2nd and 3rd fingers tend to be too close together. This article provides ideas for teaching finger spacing to beginning cello students.

Resources for the Public School Orchestra Teacher
This page will provide free downloads to suppliment method books used in the classroom ad other links. These downloads may also be useful in private taching as well.

Cello Technique for the Violinist
This artcle is for the public school orchestra teacher who is a violinist. It looks at common technical problems violinists face on the cello. It is a basic look at cello technique and will help the violinist with proper position when demonstrating on the cello.

Unlimited Cello Music Downloads for $37.75 a year

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